Adrienne Wagner is a storyteller, editor, and cinematographer originally from Indianapolis. After studying media production and communication at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, Adrienne moved to Portland, OR where she began editing and shooting video for a production company. Her first short documentary, "My Grandpa's Garage," has been featured in film festivals throughout the United States, including the national CINE awards, Indianapolis' Heartland Film Festival, the historic Clinton Theater shorts program in Portland, and at the Indie Oaks film festival in 2017, where it was awarded "Best Editing.” She then relocated to Pittsburgh in 2016, taking on the role of cinematographer in the feature film "Bystander," completing several short films with the Carnegie Screenwriters Guild and other local artists, and editing a documentary on world wrestling champion, Spencer Lee. She’s a full time freelancer who splits her time between hustling down fulfilling personal projects, editing and shooting for a variety of other production companies, and trying to improve her woodworking skills. Adrienne’s greatest sense of accomplishment comes from going on a hike with her dog every day.

I am interested in storytelling, communicating, and media production. Let's collaborate!